E-waste Donation Program

Wondering what to do with your old office telecom system, used electronics and out-dated IT hardware after a recent upgrade?

Why not get a return on your investment in the form of increased tax breaks by donating your used electronics & hardware.

We are dedicated to help you, when you choose SPAS Recycling Pvt Ltd for e-waste donation & your used office IT systems.

Donate Electronics

SPAS Recycling, a Microsoft registered refurbisher and govt. authorized electronics recycler, collects all your used electronics donations and refurbishes the equipment for charitable organizations and not-for-profit schools reuse.

Whether you are looking to donate an entire office set up or the old computers and electronics devices, as you are finally upgraded, our asset removal team would be glad to handle all of the logistics, in order for you to easily donate without all of the hard work.

Once your used electronics equipment reaches at our facility, we break down everything to it’s respected properties and make sure it gets to the proper location to where it can be melted down and remanufactured into something new.

We have a strict NO landfill policy.

We can also provide you with containers to keep in your facility so you can dispose of things at your own space. Once you are ready to donate, we will send a truck and have it brought straight to SPAS Recycling Pvt Ltd for processing.

You can donate a wide range of items in any condition, from electronics devices, computers to office equipment, etc. We pick-up for free and donate all of your unwanted technology.

Electronic waste donation

For Electronic waste donation, Please call us at 8689 899 899 or fill out our Online Recycling form to find out what we can do for you!

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