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EPR Definition

PRO services EPR Implementation in India. EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) defines responsibility of any producer or manufacturer of electrical or electronic equipment, for channelization of e-waste to ensure pollution free and eco-friendly management of such waste.

Extended Producer Responsibility may incorporate implementation of take back system or establishing collection centres or both and having agreement with authorised dismantler or recycler either individually or collectively through a PRO recognised by manufacturers or producers.

Role of PRO

PRO (Producer Responsibility Organization) is concept where the producer’s responsibility of managing the e-waste is transferred to the PRO. A PRO’s aim is to manage the end-to-end operations associated with e-waste management & recycling in more cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly way. 

As it is mandatory for all producers like importers, manufacturers, retailer, online business, industries etc. in India to seek EPR Implementation authorisation from the CPCB.

EPR Consultants

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd.  a authorized PRO (Producer Responsibility Organisation) that offers unique EEE (Electrical Electronic Equipment) & WEEE (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) Compliance solutions as per CPCB rules & regulations. As a PRO we will setup a collection mechanism for the targeted material and create awareness for recycling of e-waste and helps producers meet their EPR targets for e-waste, metal and batteries.

PRO Services for EPR We Offer

Reverse Logistics
We have specialized reverse supply chain that allows effective transportation of post-consumer waste to our authorised facility.

Channelizing of E-waste
Channelizing of all the e-waste collected for processing in our govt. authorized facility in India.

Pan India Services
We have 26 collection centres, collection points and channel partners in all major cities of India for collection and handling of e- waste.

Secure Management
Providing proof in the form of videos, pictures, documents and other forms as per the requirement of the producer for secure management.

Public Awareness
Awareness programmes which include social media campaigns, digital marketing, corporate events and collection drives.

Dedicated Team
A dedicated team of trained professionals and tele-callers works round the clock on our toll free number for the producers to dispose their e-waste for achieving EPR targets.

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