IT Asset Recycling Company

IT Asset Recycling Company

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd, a top IT asset recycling Company in India offers Secure e-Waste and IT Recycling, with proper logistics and secure chain-of-custody methods to ensure compliance, security and sustainability for all of your products. Your decommissioned IT assets may have no use in your company or organization, but that doesn’t mean they’re waste.

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd, is authorized by CPCP & SPCB to carry out IT recycling services. This enables us to meet the highest standards for quality, safety and regulatory compliance.

IT Asset Lifecycle Services

Our Specialized Executives will give your company or organization a proper details on current policies, procedures and methodologies to minimise risk, reduce costs and remain secure. We perform initial IT asset recycling process including audits (desktop, laptop, data centre and stores), risk assessments, IT asset management & applying policies and disposal, recycle and resale procedures.


  • Inventory
  • Space savings
  • Costs savings
  • IT Asset value
  • Trading and reuse

Transportation and Storage

Processing and Destruction

  • Onsite and offsite data destruction
  • Onsite data destruction vehicles
  • HDD Degaussing
  • Disk and media shredding
  • Full internal audit and system tests
  • IT Asset factory reset, cleanse, and tag removal
  • Data sanitisation, certificates, and audits

Resale & IT Recycling

  • Reuse refurbishing
  • Spares and repair
  • Trading
  • Charity donations
  • Recycling as waste under the WEEE directive


  • Media shredding in accordance International standards
  • Recycling Certification
  • Recycling as waste under the WEEE directive

Benefits of IT Asset Recycling

Many of your IT assets can be reused or recycled, offering several advantages over simple landfill disposal:

  • Authorising your company or organization’s commitment to Eco-friendly world.
  • Making your IT asset’s to be reused or resold to get a proper value.
  • Preventing toxic or harmful materials from polluting environment.
  • Preventing physical waste to the landfills.