Electronic Refurbishing - Microsoft Refurbisher

Electronic refurbishment or IT Refurbishing is a process where the refurbished electronics are re-distributed in the market after undergoing a series of tests for functionality and defects and sold at discounted price.

Microsoft registered refurbisher

As s Microsoft registered refurbisher we repair and restore all computers and provides refurbished computers in discounted prices to our clients.  

 We collect from various sources from where electronics such as laptops, computers, smartphones etc. are taken for refurbishing.

 Computer Refurbishing Process

  • Collection: All your IT assets and Electronics is transported to our Electronic Refurbishment Facility by our logistics in secure truck.
  • Inventory & Labelling: After reception of your electronics there inventory and labelling is done.
  • Data Destruction: In next process, we proceed to the data destruction and deletion of all digital data, complying with the highest standards.
  • Refurbishing: After data deletion, the equipment is sorted to determine if it qualifies for refurbishing. Otherwise, we dismantle it and recover working parts and materials.
  • Testing and Inspection: Once product refurbished, each part of equipment is tested and inspected to ensure its quality.
  • Resale: All Refurbished Electronics is sold to vendors all over India, thus ensuring its reuse.

Refurbished Electronics Sale

If you buy a Refurbished electronics from Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. for your business requirements we will provide at very affordable prices in the market. It is the best way to save your investment and contribute more towards environment protection.

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