Data Destruction Comapny

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. provides of Secure Data Destruction Services in all over India. Our professional team will help to reduce the risk, cost and complication associated with securely managing and disposing hard drives and data storing assets at their end of lifecycle.

We are committed to secure and environment friendly disposal of your data bearing assets along with valuable customer service. From point of collection to final disposition, our team ensure a full audit and inventory for your all Data Erasure and Destruction services.

Data Destruction Services

  • Our team will scan all hard disk drives and electronic media and tag with Serial number of each drive is scanned and make a printout is populated with final count and serial number of drives
  • Then our Data sanitization and destruction process starts, first Degaussing is done and then Shredding of all hard disk drives and electronic media
  • All the shredded or ash material is packed and moved to metal recycling facility for final disposition where we melt the devices down to their alloy state for reuse.
  • Once the processes are complete, you’ll receive “Certificate of  Data Erasure & Destruction” is provided for reporting and auditing purposes, includes serial numbers and description of disposed media.

Onsite and Offsite Data Destruction

We have onsite and offsite hard drive shredding options as per your company requirements.

Onsite Hard Disk Shredding

In onsite hard drive disposal, the our professional team will visit on your company premises in secure trucks with degausser and shredder inside. With your supervision, our team will degauss and destroy the hard drives into small particles.

Offsite Hard Disk Shredding

In offsite hard drive disposal, we collect and seal all storage media in locked boxes and load in our secure trucks and transport them to our data erasure facility. Then our team will degauss and destroy the hard drives into small particles in closed labs that have recorded surveillance.  After that e-waste is transferred to recycling plants.

Methods of Data Destruction

  • HDD shredding
  • HDD crushing
  • HDD degaussing
  • Data wiping
  • CD/DVD shredding
  • Tape destruction
  • Other equipment destruction techniques. 

We Provide Data Destruction Services to

  • Government agencies
  • Financial institutes
  • Banks
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Data Centers
  • Other organizations

Data Destruction Company

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. a leading Data Destruction Company in India provides a quality data degaussing and Data Destruction services.

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