Recycling Membership

Applying for Recycling membership  of E-waste recycling, Metal Recycling, Battery Recycling, Reverse Logistics, IT Asset Disposition and Epr Services registration is the first step in joining SPAS RECYCLING PVT LTD. The Premium membership is a term which is to be taken in the same sense as that of  Lots of Free Services

Who can get Membership

  • Corporates
  • Industries
  • Companies
  • Govt. Agencies
  • Manufacturers
  • OEM

E-waste Recycling Membership Application

To get Premium membership, Along with the application form, the applicant must enclose attested copies of certificates. You can download Premium membership Agreement form and all necessary information.

Benefit of Recycling Membership

All below Services Free with Premium Membership

  • 12/7 IT Asset Management support
  • IT hardware support
  • Data Security
  • Fixed Price Asset Buying
  • Best Prices for New Asset Purchase
  • Free Installation
  • Free Cleaning of all Asset every six Months
  • 20% discount on any Hardware Purchase
  • Microsoft Licensing Support
  • E-waste Disposal Certificates with Video Recording
  • Best Buy Back working Asset Prices(Asset Remarketing)

Premium Membership Agreement : PDF (See/Download)

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