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Corporate Social Responsibility Definition

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility defines all the practices put in place by companies in order to uphold the principles of sustainable development.

Be a sustainable or responsible organization, It means that companies need to be economically viable, have a positive impact on society, and respect and preserve the environment.

CSR Assistance in India

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd as a responsible recycling company helps corporate entity to support our many social projects in the areas of Environment, Skill Development and Education. We have provided financial support and computer donation assistance to many projects.

We can be your implementation partner if your are multi-national company or corporates in India. To create and implement a e-waste management, metal scrap disposal, battery scrap disposal and other solid waste management process according to CPCB rules and regulations 2016, we have 29 collection centres and offices across India for this process.

The purpose of the project was to deal with e-waste, metal scrap, battery scrap, solid waste and to segregate it at source. Our CSR assistance includes recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous end of life electronic/electrical equipments, training of local scrap dealers, providing business opportunity to scrap vendor by integrating recycling system, donating computers to improve computer literacy etc. 

CSR Support

With our CSR assistance we aim to create employment opportunities and the return of investment through recyclable products and by-products will help in revenue generation, increase in awareness of society and affect the lifestyles.

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