E-waste Recyclers in India

When it comes to electronic waste or E-waste recyclers in India, there is one name you can trust Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. We do E-waste & IT recycling in all over India

We’re leading the IT industry with best environmental services when managing End of Life hardware or electronic waste or IT recycling in India

As per recent Statistics Indians are among the highest users of latest technologies in the world, purchasing millions of computers, desktop, laptops, mobiles, electronic appliances etc. every year. For this reason, E-waste has become a growing problem in the country.

In India, among the most common electronic devices are computers and mobiles. While some Indians have the desktop models, others own the portable ones. Though these devices play a vital role in day to day activities, what many do not know is that they are made of materials that pose a threat to human health and the environment.

On the other hand, IT recycling or E-waste recycling makes a great source for non-renewable resources, such as nickel, copper, zinc, and tin.

When IT products are recycled, most of them are refurbished with new replacement parts and software. From there, they are repackaged and made available to communities that generate low income. Others are re-sold to manufacturers.

Just like computers, electronic waste, IT products, in general, undergo manual dismantling processes. The materials obtained in the process, such as cables, plastics, circuit boards, and glass, are then used as raw materials to produce new products.

Table of Content

  •  Our Promise and Values
  • Our Services and Solutions
  • What we Recycle
  • Responsibility and Sustainability

Our Promise And Values

Our promise as a E-waste recyclers in India, hard drive destruction and IT asset management specialist is to build community value while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality end of life IT recycling services.

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd as an E-waste Recyclers in India, We Promise for:

  • Over 10 Years’ Experience in E-waste recycling
  • Professional standards
  • Get a certificate of disposal for every batch of E-waste
  • Maximum reuse of electronics
  • Authorized by state pollution control board (MPCB & UPPCB) & central pollution control board (CPCB)
  • No placement in landfill or incineration of hazardous material
  • Compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000

Ewaste Recyclers in India


Our Services and Solutions

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd a leading E-waste Recyclers in India since our inception in 2010, providing cost effective and environment friendly services to companies, industries, manufacturers, offices, government organizations, banks, educational institutions etc.
Our Services as below:

E-waste Recycling

  • IT Recycling & E-waste Management Services
  • Onsite/ Offsite Secure Data Destruction Services
  • Pan India Logistics Services
  • Environmental Protection Services

IT Asset Management

  • Lease Return Solutions
  • Redeployment Solutions
  • Remarketing Solutions
  • Nationwide IT Surplus Liquidation

OEM Compliance

  • Established Diverse Collection Networks
  • Certified and Verifiable Responsible Processing
  • Efficient Transportation Options
  • Compliance Management

What we Recycle

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd provides an end-to-end program to manage the complete disposition of retired Electronic & IT assets, ensuring 100% data destruction, maximizing asset value recovery, ensuring complete regulatory compliance, and meeting or surpassing all corporate risk management requirements.

Examples of some of the devices we process for E-waste and IT recycling include:

  • Data Centers: Servers, Routers, Switches
  • Productivity Devices: Computers, Tablets, Laptops, and Phones
  • Office Equipment: Printers, Postage Meters, Phone Systems
  • Video Display Devices: Televisions and Monitors
  • Specialty Devices: Gaming/Slot Machines, Medical Equipment, Government Equipment, Solar Panels
  • POS Devices: Registers, Scanners, Self-Checkout, ATMs
  • Consumer Electronics: Battery-powered Toys, Handheld Games, Smart Watches, Electronic Appliances
  • Industrial Electronics: Instrumentation and Control Devices, Lab Equipment, Metering
  • General Electrical and Electronics Scrap
  • Nearly Any Device With A Cord or Battery

IT Recycling Services in IndiaResponsibility and Sustainability

In 2020 we responsibly recycled 1157 tonnes of Ewaste!

“Reuse” is significantly better for the environment until you need to Refurbish,
“Refurbish”, if repairing is necessary, until you need to Recycle,
“Recycle” when you can no longer Reuse or Refurbish.

To learn more about how Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd can help your company navigate complex E-waste and IT Recycling challenges, click below to contact our expert or call +91 8689899899

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd

India's leading e-waste recycler & electronic waste recycling company engaged in e-scrap management & disposal of e-waste, IT assets, metal scrap & battery scrap.

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