E-waste Management in India

It is seen that 75% of e-waste are stored due to uncertainty of how to manage it. These electronic junks lie unattended in houses, industries, offices, warehouses etc. which are finally disposed off at landfills. This necessitates implementable our e-waste management and handling solutions and services.

Why E-Waste Management in India is Important

Electronic Items like Computers, mobile devices, televisions, sound systems, chargers and electrical appliances are all recyclable, yet they can also be the most dangerous materials dumped inside a landfill and affect environment badly, according to the Pollution Control Board. When improperly Electronic waste disposed of, the heavy metals, plastics and glass in e-waste can pollute the air or seep into waterways. Electronic waste Management and Recycling can significantly decrease the demand for mining heavy metals and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing new materials.

E-waste Management & Handling Solutions Process

Our e-waste management for corporates & industries begin at the point of Electronic waste generation. This can be done by Electronic waste minimization techniques and by sustainable product design. Our E-waste arrangement for corporate and industries involves:

  • Inventory management
  • Reuse
  • Dismantling and segregation
  • Recycling and recovery
  • Refurbishment
  • Final disposition

Inventory management: We offer a detailed inventory of Electronic waste management. Inventory reports include brand name, model, year and serial number of each piece of equipment recycled for our client’s records and referenced in our Certificate of Recycling.

Reuse: At Spas Recycling we give extension of the end of life of equipment or component parts to be used for the same purpose for which they were originally manufactured for, this may or may not include a change in ownership of the equipment. This process aims to promote optimal use of available resources.

Dismantling and segregation: This involves careful manual separation of the parts and components of a piece of equipment in disuse. This activity be carried out in our recycling facility that specialize in reconditioning.

Recycling and recovery: Our process involves the recovery of devices, components and material. The dismantling is done manual or semi-manual. The recovery of materials is part of our e-waste recycling process, especially for metal recovery, which is done in our specialized metal recovery facilities.

Refurbishment: At Spas Recycling we re-utilise of Electronic waste Materials and refurbish as good as new . It includes changes in hardware and software.

Final disposition: In Our Electronic waste Management process the final disposal of Electronic waste or materials, non-recoverable materials can be disposed of in controlled landfills (dumps) authorised by pollution control board.

After implementing above various steps that will help in managing e-waste. Spas Recycling’s as a leading Electronic waste management company also help industries & corporates with the aid of the following:

  • As a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative
  • Proper utilization of storage area for collection of e-waste
  • Buy back offers, where our company pay for the Electronic waste
  • Partnership models with manufacturers
  • Data destruction at the industries & corporates premises

E-waste management Companies in India

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd a top among E-waste management Companies in India offers safe and reliable management of e-waste.

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