E-waste Environment Effects

Awareness of our E-waste Environment Effects is all around us through the media, legislation and ultimately our actions. We all have an obligation to protect our valuable planet for future generations. Spas Recycling recognise the important part we have to play. Through sustainable practices we have and continue to lead ways in which used technology can be better managed with an emphasis on reuse rather than simply recycling. Where we are left with no alternative but to recycle obsolete or failed equipment, we have best practice processes to reduce the E-waste Environment Effects through the following ways: E-waste Environment Effects Since April 2012 Spas Recycling has sent no IT waste to landfill — exceeding WEEE Directive targets. Since 2011 over 6 lakh IT items have been reused or recycled through Spas Recycling. Energy saving ‘switch-off’ projects; use of Carbon Trust posters led to a reduction of 7% in electricity used per item processed by Spas Recycling. Spas Recycling maintain environmentally responsible procurement of packaging products using 100% recycled cardboard and biodegradable packing. Spas Recycling also recycle non-IT waste— with recycling rates now exceeding over 99% of all material handled. Spas Recycling is assessed as a low level energy user through an Envirowise study in 2015.

E-waste Environment 

We look forward to sharing your experiences and how we can help you meet your environmental obligations and targets.

Improper Electronic Waste Disposal leads to negative E-waste Environment Effects

Computers contain toxic materials like zinc, nickel, lead, barium and chromium, which is why it’s critical to do proper computer recycling. Each of these metals occur in concentrations that are higher than the federally regulated levels. Our growing stream of e-waste is a threat to our environment. When we retire our computers we have four options: to recycle it, donate it, return it to the manufacturer or throw it in the trash. Most commonly, we throw it away. E-WASTE ENVIRONMENT Through Landfills When we throw out our computers, they wind up in landfills, causing the possibility of toxic metal leaching into the groundwater. Toxic metals in e-waste leach into our supply of resources, threatening their integrity. When e-waste is warmed up, toxic chemicals are released in to the air, damaging the atmosphere. E-waste management is a critical consideration for future generations as proper electronic recycling is becoming harder to find.

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