E-waste Dealers in INDIA

SPAS Recycling  as a e-waste dealers made recycling easy. Our facility is MPCP certified and our staff are experienced and dedicated to providing friendly service. With a full understanding of all things e-waste we provide a full service facility capable of processing all of the e-waste materials that come through our doors. We also believe in the resourcefulness of re-marketing electronics and getting them back into needed use. There are many companies that claim to “recycle” e-waste and in ways they do, but few are capable of processing each and every component of e-waste and getting these resources back into proper usefulness.

At SPAS Recycling as E-waste Dealers we process each component of e-waste, separate it and have it fully ready to be used in the markets where it is needed. We at SPAS Recycling don’t believe there is a such thing as “e-waste” nothing is “waste” in our facility.E-waste Dealers As a e-waste-dealers Our ability and passion to see nothing go to waste insures that you get more compensation for your old and unwanted electronics. Most e-waste recycling companies offer only compensation for the raw value of the more valuable, easy to extract elements of your e-waste. Our expertise in the field of re-marketing guarantees that you will get the highest possible value for your unwanted electronics. The level of security we use and the through method of degaussing we practice guarantees that any data still hidden in the electronic components you give us will be completely erased. We provide all of our clients with a certificate of destruction. Our program of secure evaluation, processing, and the certificate of destruction we provide, makes certain 3 pertinent points;

A: You get the most money back using SPAS Recycling as E-waste Dealers for your e-waste needs.

B: Your e-waste will be processed with a level of security second to none.

C: Choosing SPAS Recycling promotes the protection of our environment, for none of your e-waste will end up in a landfill.

Owner, SPAS COMPUTERS PVT LTD. For any enquiries please feel free to contact us on email : info@spasrecycling.com phone : 022 40065000 Mobile : 91 8689 899 899

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