E-waste Company in India

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. as  a leading E-waste Company in India, we Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce your generation of e-waste through smart procurement and good maintenance. Reuse still-functioning electronic equipment by donating or selling it to someone. Recycle those components that cannot be repaired.

Authorized E-waste Company in India

Our e-waste company management consisting of a staff of highly trained and professional recycling specialists with over 10 years of experience in the fields of technology, logistics and recycling.

Most electronic devices contain a variety of materials, including metals, that can be recycled according to Central Pollution control board E-waste rules & regulations 2016 in our E-waste Company.

What is E-waste ?

The term “e-waste” is an abbreviation of “electronic and electrical waste”. E-waste, is the trash we generate from surplus, broken, and obsolete electronic devices. Electronics contains various toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials that are released into the environment if we do not dispose of them properly. Electronics or E-waste recycling is the process of recovering material from old devices to use in.

Although e-waste is a general term, it can be considered to denote items such as TV appliances, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, white goods – for example, fridges, washing machines, dryers – home entertainment and stereo systems, toys, toasters and kettles or anything with cord.

E-waste can be recycled, rather than being thrown away and wasted. Also, recycling e-waste can reduce toxic materials from being exposed to incineration, and hence, air and water pollution. Hazardous waste can finally be managed smarter and be more suitable for the eco-friendly environment. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Recycle E-waste
  • DO: Recycle your electronics – anything with a plug or a battery – at one of the locations listed above or other authorized collection centers.
  • DO: Consider donating unwanted electronic equipment that still works and can be reused by someone else.
  • DO: Take or send your e-waste to one of the designated authorized collection centers.
  • DO NOT: Discard electronics and batteries in ordinary trash bins.
  • DO NOT: Sell or give your e-waste to unauthorized dealers.
  • DO NOT: Ship e-waste including batteries by air.

E-recycling in India

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. a top among E-waste Companies in India and provides business to business electronic waste recycling.

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