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Spas Recycling gives you the highest price for your used printers and printer scrap, We buy all types and the major brands of printers, and we pay a highest price for the brands like Canon, HP, Brother, etc. Contact us now to sell your used printer waste. We are the largest old printer scrap buyer in India for recycling purpose

Printer Recycling Company

If you have outdated printer or you upgraded to new printer, now you should dispose old one. Like all other electronics, it is important to make sure that printer gets recycled rather than going in the landfill, Our Printer Recycling Company Process of your used printer waste can help protect the environment and recover non-renewable resources.

Printers and cartridges contains harmful chemicals and materials like mercury, fire retardants suspected to be harmful to human health, heavy metals on the circuit boards and valuable resources like copper, steel, aluminum and gold.

We can dispose your printer waste in environment friendly manner and also you can get cash in that old printer waste.

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Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd

India's leading e-waste recycler & electronic waste recycling company engaged in e-scrap management & disposal of e-waste, IT assets, metal scrap & battery scrap.

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