E-waste Economy

E-waste Economy being a part of sustainable recycling business is the continued economics success and growth of the company. Not only has Spas Recycling continued to grow, but it delivers financial success to its customers through remarketing revenues and redeployment savings. This is achieved through continued delivery of best practice services and solutions; and financial investment which delivers ongoing operational and commercial benefits ts to Spas Recycling and its customers. Spas Recycling has grown at a rate of20% per annum for the past 4 years. In 2013 Spas Recycling’s turnover grew to 1 Crore. Each year more than 40 Lakh is spent in the local economy through salaries and supply contracts with local businesses.E-waste Economy Services and solutions are delivered to more than 1,000 private and government organisations in the India.   Services and solutions are delivered to more than 1,000 private and government organisations in the India. Our remarketing division supplies refurbished equipment to more than 20 states. Spas Recycling has created more than 80 jobs in the India. E-waste Economy-Substantial financial returns are generated for customers through remarketing and redeployment savings each year. Spas Recycling is headquartered in the Mumbai operating from 3000 square feet facilities. More and more states and nations are starting to require e-waste recycling. Electronics are full of heavy metals that potentially can contaminate water and soil. Landfills aren’t able to deal with them. So now computers, televisions, cell phones, game systems, mp3 players, and other electronics are becoming obsolete at ever faster rate; yet we realize that they contain valuable and contaminating metals. E-waste Economy – The magnitude of the electronic waste problem is that experts estimate that an average American family has 24 pieces of electronics, but average computer life is about 3 years and televisions even shorter.

With operations in Jaipur,Surat,Delhi,Bangalore,Uttar Pradesh,Kolkata and Hyderabad,Spas Recycling works with approved Licenses.

E-waste Economy A financially stable company delivering compliance and guaranteed assurance. Why not speak to us today to see how Spas Recycling can generate residual value for your unwanted IT equipment.

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