Scrap recycling Company


Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd a leading scrap buyer and Traders in India has been in the business of buying scrap since 2012 and has thus have immense knowledge in management and  handling all kind of scrap such as ferrous and non ferrous metal, cable scrap, aluminum scrap, electrical scrap, copper scrap, machinery scrap, Industrial scrap, computer and IT scrap, battery scrap etc. We govt. authorised recyclers for metal scrap, battery scrap, electrical scrap and electronic scrap.

Scrap Buyer and Dealers

As scrap buyer and dealers we provide services all over India and we collect your scrap materials at one call from your offices, industries and manufacturing plants. Spas Recycling guarantee to pay the highest cost in market your scrap and waste materials.

Scrap Traders

Spas Recycling a national supplier of scrap and recycled ferrous & non-ferrous metals. We trade a range of companies like refineries, smelters and manufacturers. we have been serving our scrap vendors since 2012 with the best quality Scrap Plastic & Scrap Metals as Raw Material. Our materials are with pure composition and excellent quality.

Scrap Recyclers in India

Recycling of scrap is an essential part of any manufacturing company. We will maximize your scrap income in eco environment friendly way. Choosing Spas Recycling as your recycling partner your company will get best strategies for recycling scrap with accurate and transparent pricing information. We also provide Certificate of Recycling as per State and Central pollution control board rules and regulations.

Scrap Recycling Company Services

  • Free secure transportation and logistics.
  • Heavy lifting and processing machines for heavy scrap.
  • Pan India service available.
  • Experience in handling scrap and waste materials.
  • Sustainable and compliant, with govt. standards for health, safety, environment and compliance.
  • Guaranteed to pay the highest cost quickly.

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. a leading Scrap Trading Company keeps your company in compliance along with providing a maximum return for your recyclables.

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