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Plastic Scrap

Reusing Made Easy Plastic Scrap are one of the real segments in hardware today. Housings, circuit sheets, the rundown goes on, are altogether made of plastic. Numerous e-waste plastic piece reusing organizations are not outfitted with the innovation to legitimately isolate the numerous components that make up today’s hardware.

Plastic Scrap Buyer

At SPAS Recycling, as a Plastic waste buyer we process and gather all plastics in the hardware that we reuse and have them shape prepared for the business sectors in which they are required.

SPAS Recycling is a India based organization and Plastic scrap dealers that spends significant time in all things e-waste. We have a best in class PCB authorized facility that is outfitted with all the innovation required for finish plastics and electronic reusing. We at SPAS Recycling see great the requirement for plastics in the distinctive markets.

Plastic Recyclers

We pride ourselves on our ecological well-disposed procedure of giving back the plastics we handle at our office once again into the market as usable assets. Plastics Recycling made simple by SPAS Recycling is the protected and brilliant decision for the earth. Contact us Now

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Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd

India's leading e-waste recycler & electronic waste recycling company engaged in e-scrap management & disposal of e-waste, IT assets, metal scrap & battery scrap.

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