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OEM Recycling Company

SPAS Recycling is an industry pioneer in producer OEM recycling company. By crossing over any barrier amongst producers and enactment, SPAS Recycling offers nationwide for State Operated Programs, Manufacturer Operated Programs, Voluntary Collection Programs, and OEM Mail Back Programs.

Solutions for OEM Manufacturers

We give our OEM Clients the largest amount of natural maintainability by holding fast to our strict No-Landfill Policy, the assurance to never send out or outsource entire units to different nations and by keeping up full accreditations through R2, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Our committed group can encourage the necessities of all OEM. Our OEM recycling Services commitments doled out inside particular state programs and past.

SPAS Recycling additionally has a set up, broad system of guaranteed recyclers all through the India. We direct far reaching due determination by performing yearly on location or potentially desktop reviews for all guaranteed reusing subcontractors, to give our OEM’s the certainty that the sum total of what gadgets have been reused in understanding to particular state laws and meet or surpass the standards.

OEM Recycling Services

SPAS Recycling additionally has obligation solutions, conclusion arranges, and full protection set up to successfully minimize chance and perform esteem added administrations to our OEM organize. We comprehend that specific producers run past consistence with state-commanded programs.

The administration of SPAS Recycling gives chances to makers to surpass the natural measures of state projects. We comprehend that all OEM’s have diverse principles and we can give administration to non-authoritative states to improve any producer’s green activities.

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