IT Asset Management Company

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd a leading IT asset management company in India provides centralized systems to manage IT assets for overseeing, managing and optimizing company or organizations owned IT systems, hardware, software, processes and data. We will organize and maintain for the entire life cycle of the IT asset.

Our main goals of ITAM are to save money through asset recovery, remarketing and recycling and reduce waste by managing the disposal of IT assets in eco-friendly way.

As Technology continues to grow at rapidly as more innovations in the electronic sectors. Our dedicated IT asset management ensures companies, industries, organizations etc can continue to upgrade new technology in cost effective way.

IT Asset Management Solutions

  • IT Asset De-installation
  • IT Asset Transportations & logistics
  • IT Asset Audit & inventory
  • IT Asset Secure Data Destruction
  • IT Asset Refurbishment
  • IT Asset Recovery
  • IT Asset Authorized recycling
  • IT Asset Redeployment
  • IT Asset Lease return
  • Charitable donation
  • Refurbished equipment sales

IT Asset Management Process

  • Our ITAM starts with strategic planning across the organization to determine what assets are needed, how to procure them in various cost effective ways.
  • After Planning Our ITAM team will help organizations to build, purchase, lease or license the assets as per requirements and also help with properly installation of assets with other components, establishing support and operations processes and specifying user access.
  • Our ITAM team will be maintaining, upgrading, repair, refurbish and extensive overhauls of assets as per requirements in order to maximize the value of the asset and extend its life. This will risks and reduce support costs.
  • After the asset end of life, the last stage is asset retirement and disposal. Our IT asset recovery will execute your decommissioned IT assets for secure data destruction, repair, recycle, resell to reuse that will cost effective for redeploying the new IT asset. All process will be done without disrupting your workflow or your staff.

Importance of ITAM

  •  Maximizing IT investments value
  • Increasing the lifecycle of IT assets
  • Cost effective solutions for software and hardware
  • Corporate and client-side confidentiality
  • Get the best possible return from IT asset recovery
  • Secure data destruction & recycling with certification

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. a top among IT asset management companies in India will determine your needs and provide you solution all your IT management needs.