Electrical Scrap Buyers

Electrical Scrap Buyers

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. as a Electrical Scrap Buyers in India are dealing with all kinds of Electrical waste. The core business of the company is purchasing and recycling all possible electrical waste from companies, industries, manufacturers, corporates etc. throughout India.

If your company have Electrical waste which are in no use and also taking unnecessary space, then you partner with us for electrical scrap disposal. We not only pay good prices for your electrical waste but give you Certificate of Recycling assurance of proper electrical scrap disposal as Government rules and regulations.

Electrical Scrap Recycling Services

We are professional recyclers of Electrical Waste for reuse, recycling and reprocessing. Our aim is to recycle Electrical waste as a resource and is returned into the market as equipment for reuse or as a raw material. We have integrated in the recycling processes and flexible solutions for the processing of electrical waste

  • Free Electrical waste Collection Services all over India
  • Secure Electrical waste Recycling
  • We will do spot payments in a transparent manner.
  • Issuing Certificate of Recycling

What Electrical Waste We Buy and Recycle 

Electrical Scrap Recycling Company

We as a Electrical Scrap Recycling Company, we buy all kinds of electrical scrap in top market prices. We have integrated recycling facility for the processing of electrical scrap. Get the best price and free collection for your Electrical waste from Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd.

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