Electric Motor Scrap

Electric Motor Scrap Dealers

Spas Recycling for the most astounding Electric Motor Scrap Dealers alongside other copper bearing things. Electric engines are found in anything from microwaves, business gear, hand instruments and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

When you require the Electric Motor Scrap Prices ensure you come to Spas Recycling at the Updated Costs. At Spas Recycling we try to demonstrate our clients the Electric Motor Scrap Prices alongside other copper or Aluminium costs on:

  • Copper Pipe Scrap
  • Stripped Copper Wire Scrap
  • Protected Copper Wire Scrap
  • Copper Transformers Scrap
  • Copper Electric Motors Scrap
  • Misc. Copper Scrap
  • Steel and Iron

Since 2014 Spas Recycling has been purchasing a wide range of Electric Motor waste and scrap metals from general society alongside doing pickups of vast employments too. From our Mumbai area we have possessed the capacity to work with a huge number of clients from property holders to substantial enterprises demonstrating to them generally accepted methods to scrap their out of date metals.

Transformer Scrap Buyer

All copper bearing motors and transformer scrap are purchased, excessive attachments such as gearboxes will lead to reduction in price. Washing machine motors, starters and alternators up to multiple tonne, DC motors we buy them all.

We purchase all types of motors: 

  • small scrap motors from electronics
  • electric motors from power tools 
  • Transformer Scrap
  • A/C (Alternating current) 
  • D/C (Direct Current) 
  • Drilling Rigs 
  • Power plants 
  • Generators 

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Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd

India's leading e-waste recycler & electronic waste recycling company engaged in e-scrap management & disposal of e-waste, IT assets, metal scrap & battery scrap.

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