E-waste Recycling Delhi

E-Waste Management in Delhi

At our E-waste Recycling in Delhi facility, we offer a free e-waste recycling and collection service that covers a broad range of electronics that are labelled unwanted and e-waste. All data on storage devices are securely wiped. A data destruction certificate will also be supplied.

When computers, laptops and other electrical equipment that are obsolete or no longer required, electronic equipment recycling is often the only choice left available.

At our E-waste Recycling in Delhi facility, we do complete assessment to determine the used electronics if it can be reused. In some cases we are unable to reuse unwanted IT equipment, this could be because the system becomes unusable or it is in an unserviceable condition. In such cases, Spas Recycling will undertake some very ethical procedures on how they should be disposed off. We implement a very green procedure when we recycle computer equipment.

We promise and guarantee complete and utter data security and destructions of your old data storage devices. We also provide a data destruction certificate and recycling certificate to prove to you that your old assets have been completely expunged.

E-waste recycling company in Delhi

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. a E-waste recycling company in Delhi has a long and proven history of helping businesses to dispose of obsolete IT equipment in an efficient and legal manner.

  • We believe in reducing the amount of E-waste being disposed at landfill sites.
  • We only recycle parts and equipment that cannot possibly be re-used.
  • We ensure that all our recycling is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner