E-waste Recycling Chennai

At our E-waste Recycling in Chennai facility we collect and handle harmful substances safely and achieve high recycling rates for all e-waste. A special extraction technique is used, along with a number of different separation processes to ensure that even complex blends of plastics and metals are separated carefully, thereby making the recyclable materials available for further processing. Our aim is to ensure an efficient, sustainable e-waste recycling.

E-waste Recycling Company in Chennai

At our E-waste Recycling in Chennai facility we have our own optimised logistics for collection of e-waste and our services are very cost-effective.

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd a leading e-waste recycling company in Chennai is customer-focused, pioneering, environmentally friendly provider of e-waste recycling services. A passion for the deeper understanding of materials and recycling drives our innovations and helps us develop more efficient e-waste recycling solutions. We strive to be unconditionally ethical and transparent in everything that we do ‒ and this makes us a reliable partner.