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Computer Salvage

SPAS Recycling provides expert asset recovery and computer salvage services that are designed to help your company lower operational costs, increase profitability and streamline productivity.

We can arrange to come to your place of business to salvage computer equipment that is no longer being used and, if possible, help you receive a return on your IT investment.

Computer Salvage Disposal Services

Salvage Computer Equipment for Revenue As part of our computer salvage services, asset recovery specialists from SPAS Recycling will evaluate your excess equipment to determine its value on the secondary market.

If the equipment has value, we can arrange a deal with a buyer to help you turn the salvaged computer equipment into revenue for your business. If a buyer isn’t interested, the equipment can still find an extended lifecycle through a charitable donation.

Electronic Computer Salvage for Parts Salvage computers and parts are essential components in the recycling process. If the equipment in your surplus inventory is obsolete, damaged or inoperable, it can still be salvaged for computer parts and commodities.

Computer Salvage Recycling Process

During the computer disposal process, the hard drives and other forms of recordable media undergo software data wiping followed by complete physical destruction of the disks.

The other components and commodities are then recycled and re-inserted back into the manufacturing stream where they can be used in the manufacturing of new products.

Computer salve performed in this manner is essential in keeping electronic surplus out of local landfills and recycled for a greater environmental benefit.  

Environmentally Responsible Computer Disposal Services SPAS Recycling specializes in IT asset recovery and computer salve services and it’s quite possible your excess computer hardware may be a potential source of revenue for your business. Allow one of our computer salvage experts to provide you with more details.

Contact us today by calling +91 8689899899 to speak directly with one of our specialists. Or, simply fill out the request form located on this page and one of our asset recovery professionals will contact you promptly to discuss your needs.

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