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Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd. a Battery Recycling Company in India provides a sustainable and compliant disposal services to manufacturers, industries, big and small businesses etc..

We are the biggest scrap battery disposal company in India. We are specialist in dismantling & refining of lead-acid batteries in eco-friendly way.

Our recycling process is cost-effective  and energy-efficient as lead is easy to extract and can be reused as raw material for production new products.

Battery Recycling Company Process

  1. Scrap Batteries Collection: Secure transportation with safely truck of scrap batteries to disposal facility
  2. Scrap Batteries Breaking and Separation: At our facility, scrap batteries are broken apart and separated into pieces to begin the recycling process
  3. Scrap Batteries Smelting: Lead Battery metal content is charged into a furnace together with appropriate fluxes & reducing agents.
  4. Scrap Batteries Refining and Alloying: The smelted metal and the dross are removed from the furnace by tapping operation into moulds, which keeps the metal molten for refining. After refining the molten metal goes to furnace to cast into ingots and these ingots are allowed to solidify.
  5. Recycled Lead Ingots: Lead Ingots are ready to use and they are then sold and transported to various factories, vendors, manufacturers, resellers, industries etc. for the production of brand new products.

Battery Scrap Buyers

We buy all types of batteries scraps

  • Automotive batteries
  • Portable Batteries
  • UPS batteries
  • Inverter batteries
  • Industrial batteries
  • Solar batteries, etc.

Benefits of Battery Recycling

  • Energy Saving
  • Sustainable environment for future
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Conserving Natural Resources
  • Reduces Waste Sent to Landfill
  • natural resources Conservation
  • New Job Generation

Battery Scrap Recyclers

Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd a top among battery recycling companies in India offer the top price for scrap batteries. As state and central pollution board authorised battery scrap recyclers we are committed to a pollution-free and safe environment.

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