Technology Recycling

As  a Technology Recycling specialists, we will orchestrate gathering of your old PC IT or electrical things to be reused/discarded at a commonly advantageous time.

  • We can gather both little and a lot of old PC IT or electrical gear. From a van to Trucks.
  • You will be issued with the important printed material (Waste Transfer Notes) to cover consistence with the MPCB directions.
  • All Storage (HDD) are information eradicated safely to MPCB rules.
  • We can give you an authentication of transfer for the reused things for your review trail.
  • We will give resource writes about the hardware discarded at your demand – there is a little charge for this administration.
  • We decommission and reuse all gadgets. We even give a declaration of demolition, ALL at NO CHARGE.

It’s as basic as that.

technology recyclingTechnology Recycling Benefits

None of the Computer IT hardware or WEEE we get goes to landfill – we have a zero percent squander approach. We offer a free Computer IT reusing and WEEE transfer administration to a wide range of organizations. We are situated in Mumbai and cover all over India. We can complete House and Office Clearances at extremely aggressive rates.

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