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SPAS Recycling works hand-in-hand with local communities and state regulators to provide safe, efficient E-waste recycling Services AND Waste IT Recycling services for disposal of electronics devices to prepare them for re-use in manufacturing. 

servicesSPAS Recycling is your trusted partner for safe recycling of electronics and universal waste materials. If you are looking for efficient and safe eco-friendly solutions whether for your Corporate Companies,Call Centers, Manufacturing Companies,Healthcare Organisation,School Organisation or Small Business.Contact us to create a plan that works for you and for Indian environment.

SPAS is proud to be a provider of “green” employment opportunities and continues to research avenues that enable us to make a positive impact on the environment through recycling service.


As a head resource recuperation and administration organization and our E-WASTE RECYCLING SERVICES, SPAS Recycling is committed to helping our clients get the best return for their unused, overabundance IT gear and PCs.

Our PC reusing administrations concentrate on remarketing those PCs that have held some of their unique esteem so their operational lifecycle can be amplified while delivering a dependable wellspring of income for the first proprietors.

Yet, not each kind of innovation holds its esteem over a timeframe and at times, the hardware should be dependably discarded. As a major aspect of our reality class suite of services,SPAS Recycling offers E-WASTE SERVICE and PC gear transfer which completely holds fast to government wellbeing rules.


We as Scrap Dealers buy, haul, process, and recycle scrap metal, electronic waste, industrial, commercial, corporate, demolition, municipal, hospital, and construction scrap and much more in the Mumbai and surrounding states areas. Spas Recycling is a full service scrap metal facility that is family owned and operated with nearly 05 years of experience. We offer some of the best prices in the area and are available to service industries, businesses and the general public. Whether you’re looking to recycle soda cans, get rid of some computer waste, or have thousands of pounds of industrial pipe to scrap, we are the ones to call for all of your recycling needs.


Let Spas Recycling Clean Up the Mess

Spas Recycling has planned a group of IT ASSETS administration administrations to address these issues:


Spas Recycling Asset Manager-a self administration online IT resource administration instrument that empowers you to deal with your assorted IT ASSETS portfolio progressively with computerized alarms about resource life expectancy, benefit contract lapse and guarantee understandings. Capacities include: 

Benefit work area to help with occurrence administration for contracted resources.

Capacity to redesign new and existing resource data for progressing administration.

Resources bought from Spas Recycling are consequently added to the ITAD

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  • Email
  • Secret word
  • Submit Reset
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Incorporates everything in the Essential bundle in addition to:

Resource Management-Spas Recycling will survey your association's IT surroundings along two measurements:

Resource Inventory: A total stock of the number and development of IT resources including an investigation of existing administration contracts and terms

Prepare Audit: A point by point review of benefit administration forms gives the establishment to process re-designing that will enhance administration viability and diminish costs

  • Resource Classification
  • Arrange and organize resources
  • Create administration rules by classification
  • Custom

Incorporates everything in the Enhanced and Essential bundles in addition to:

Spas Recycling IT Asset Management Service-Let Spas Recycling deal with the progressing administration and following of IT resources. Capacities incorporate the greater part of the self-benefit highlights in addition to:

Resource following

Prepare re-building and arrangement for Moves/Adds/Changes

Benefit Desk for merged episode administration

Discretionary increases – proactive resource administration, upgraded checking of Tier 1 resources, bolster administrations, and access to Spas Recycling Online Store

Upkeep Offerings (OEM):

Spas Recycling gives OEM answers for guarantee the fitting administration levels and cost for your business needs. Benefit choices are accessible for most IT framework produces

Take Control

Whether you oversee and keep up your IT resources yourself or have Spas Recycling Solutions oversee and keep up them for you,Spas Recycling E-waste Recycling Services will enhance perceivability into your IT administrations contracts and resources, spare authoritative cost, enhance benefit levels, and put your organization on top

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