We buy, haul, process, and recycle scrap metal, electronic waste, industrial, commercial, corporate, demolition, municipal, hospital, and construction scrap and much more in Mumbai, INDIA. We offer some of the best prices in the area and are available to service industries, businesses and the general public. Whether you’re looking to recycle soda cans, get rid of some computer waste, or have thousands of pounds of industrial pipe to scrap, we are the ones to call for all of your recycling needs.

Our scrap metal yard, industrial roll-off containers, and different trucking and hauling capabilities can accommodate high volume and sophisticated logistical requirements.We buy ferrous scrap metals such as iron & steel, non-ferrous metals, and other items including:

Aluminum of all types
Brass and Copper
Auto parts such as starters and alternators
Electric motors
Stainless Steel
Iron drums
Computers and electronic scrap
Lead acid batteries
Insulated wire

We are an approved CPCB, MPCB & BMC recyclers of electrical scrap, electronic scrap and metal scrap.

Prices Given are on Per Kg Basis, Please put Proper Weight of Material and then calculate for Prices.

Computer Desktop 120.00
Computer Laptop 160.00
Computer Printer 113.00
Computer Hdd 120.00
Motherboard / Circuit 128.00
Dvd / Cd 118.00
Cable / Wire (Metal Inside) 128.00
Electrical Scrap 117.00
Electronic Scrap 117.00
Ms / Iron Scrap 110.00
Copper Scrap 1185.00
Aluminium Scrap 153.00
Plastic Scrap 18.00
Machinery Scrap 116.00
Computer Server 140.00
Casting Metal 148.00
Crt Monitor 134.00
Lcd 126.00
Computer Smps 110.00
UPS(with Battery) 128.00
AC (Air Conditioner) 128.00
Laptop Battery 135.00
Printer Toner 112.00
Brass Scrap 1150.00
Appliances Scrap 122.00

Sum: 0

Above Rates Given is for Scrap and Non-Working Materials.
Rates can Vary as per Market Prices.
Anything that is not in the List, Please Contact us for Price.
If You have any Working Materials Please feel free to Contact us.

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