IT Waste Recycling and Disposal Company

Situated in Mumbai, Spas Recycling as a top IT Waste Recycling and Disposal Company represent considerable authority in secure information annihilation and IT Recycling. We offer an extensive variety of dismantling, reprocessing, reuse and reusing strategies to help limit the effect of IT waste on the earth and in addition helping organizations and associations to meet the strict necessities set around the MPCB Rules and WEEE order.

Spas Recycling’s IT Waste Recycling is basic whether you’re updating existing establishments, scaling down or conveying new frameworks. Discarding repetitive gear can be tedious, hazardous and problematic process, especially in a complex multi-benefit condition. Utilizing Spas Recycling Services you can be guaranteed that your IT Waste Recycling procedure will be taken care of in an expert, savvy and effective way. We will guarantee we will convey the best answer for your association.

IT Waste Recycling

Under the 2007 WEEE Directive Legislation, all organizations have a lawful obligation known as an obligation of care to guarantee that all WEEE (Waste of electronic and electrical gear) is gathered, transported and discarded in understanding of the controls.

What IT Waste Recycling Services can offer you.

  • ​Secure  from your business or association
  • Dependable accumulation benefit. Straightforward booking, charging and detailing.
  • Completely endorsed and approved WEEE treatment office.
  • 98% Recycling rate with preoccupation from landfill.
  • Consistent WEEE answers for your business.
  • Extend administration and Asset arrangements.
  • Your neighborhood IT Recycling accomplice.
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