Spas Recycling a IT Recycling Company has been providing IT Reprocess,Disposal and Asset Recovery services for more than 03 years. Through continual growth, we are largest IT Recycling Services provider in INDIA. Certified to ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and ROHS standards,Spas Recycling delivers proven, consistent and cost-effective solutions to manage the logistical and technical processes for the re-distribution of IT assets, assuring compliance to environmental and data protection legislation.

In order to provide a complete service we need to understand the issues and challenges customers face, including: Sourcing suppliers and products that have been approved to deliver secure handling, storage and processing of protectively marked data in compliance with ROHS Standard The logistical, operational and service management capacity to meet ongoing business as well as projects and ad hoc requirementsIT Recycling Company Capability to deliver on-site and off-site activities which meet security and legal requirements Compliance to legal and group policies for data security, environmental and governmental reporting purposes Reporting processes to deliver data which meets business needs for operational and commercial efficiencies Spas Recycling a IT recycling Company understands the need to continue to improve the way IT Recycling & disposal is managed across numerous organisations. Customers require a service and solution that meets security requirements, reduces regulatory risks both today and going forward and delivers the full scope of services and economical benefits.

We recognise in designing approaches and solutions that a ‘one size fits’ all model is not always easy to achieve and can take time to transition. We respect that some organisations are segregated and that each part of the organisation has different challenges, geographical variables, systems and processes. We work with customers to create with care a solution and operational system that can facilitate the needs of local regional requirements whilst delivering a standardised and accountable solution.

As IT Recycling Company We also buy computers for reuse, wholesale of electronic devices, excess inventory of electronic components and electronic surplus.

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