SPAS Recycling works intimately with clinics and restorative workplaces of all sizes for Healthcare Waste Recycling & Management. Our procedures offers the greater part of our pickups incorporate a reusing and information pulverization testament. The chain of guardianship is never broken at SPAS Recycling. We handle coordinations and preparing in-house, guaranteeing quality and consistence. Most doctor’s facilities we work with pick our advantage administration program which gives reporting of all benefits, hard drive sanitisation, and protest reporting. This equivalents more prominent profits for our clients squander Our dedication to administering to nature guarantees that we effectively look for the most dependable strategy for transfer for any given waste stream. We were the first in the business to give a reusing administration to squanders. Our social insurance squander isolation projects, and BioTrack squander following framework, empowers our clients to proficiently execute the waste chain of importance into their working environment – guaranteeing the most proper transfer alternative is decided for every waste stream. For any enquiries please don’t hesitate to reach us on email : telephone : 022 40065000 Mobile : +91 8879 899 899

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