Spas Recycling is glad to serve recycling events in urban areas, groups, schools, non-benefits, and philanthropies by facilitating and organizing e-waste reusing drives.

It would be ideal if you go along with us at our future occasions. Purge your wardrobes, carports, and storage rooms of all your old and old electronic gadgets then pack them into your auto. At that point simply roll over to one of our reusing occasions with all your e-waste and we will do the rest!

By going to our hardware reusing occasions, not just are you getting the disorder out of your storage rooms, you are partaking with an end goal to ensure our surroundings. Together we can spread mindfulness and safeguard our future.

Spas Recycling is glad to offer various e-waste recycling events answers for keep the earth clean and e-waste free:

  • Cell Phone Recycling
  • PCs Recycling
  • Ink Toner RecyclingEvents
  • PC Monitor Disposal
  • Portable workstation Recycling
  • TV Recycling
  • Printer Disposal
  • Number cruncher Disposal
  • CRT Disposal

In the event that you are an individual, business, or organization inspired by supporting and sorting out a hardware accumulation occasion, we will be upbeat to work with you at all times. By reaching Spas Recycling as quickly as time permits, an occasion can be arranged and set up inside a matter of months at any area your association wants.

We know you're busy, so we make hardware reusing as advantageous as could reasonably be expected. Notwithstanding our stockroom drop-off and get benefit, we hold occasions everywhere throughout the metro range (and in some cases past).

Inspired by where we'll be? Look at our logbook posting all up and coming recycling events, numerous on Saturday mornings.

Inspired by facilitating an occasion? Find out about how we join forces with neighborhood organizations.

What's in store when you go to an occasion:

Drive up and take after the signs—you can simply remain in your vehicle, and we'll empty for you.

Ensure you've surveyed the things acknowledged for the particular occasion you're going to - what is acknowledged dependd on the host or support.

Much the same as at our stockroom, a few things require an expense and some are free. Money or check are acknowledged. Perused more about the things acknowledged.

You'll get a duty deductible receipt and a thankful grin before you proceed onward your way, light and free from undesirable devices!

At that point, we take the greater part of the things back to our distribution center for appropriate reusing and information obliteration.

Electronic Remarketing Events

Electronic remarketing is a service that takes your old or out dated electronics and finds markets where they are still wanted. SPAS Recycling has an electronic re-marketing program second to none.

Electronics BuyBack Events

Accomplish something with your old unused gadgets! Our Electronics buyback program can turn unused desktop and smart phones, tablets, equipment, parts, servers, organizing hardware and more into CASH BACK for your family.

Electronics Refurbishing Events

Electronics refurbishing Center A desirable route many organisations can choose for equipment that merely requires a refresh in the IT product life cycle and still meets the needs of the business is to existing equipment and redeploy it back into the organisation.

E-waste Collection Events

As a Maharashtra State Certified e-waste collection centres we’ll gladly accept all your electronics, working or not, at one of our Centers. Tax receipts are provided. If your business has 20 e-waste items or more to donate, call us and we’ll pick them up — free of charge.

Value Added Events

An innovative Value Added Events offering secure and environmentally responsible recycling to busy office environments. The bins are designed to be positioned in office locations for personnel to dispose of peripheral IT equipment and smaller data bearing media. This offers a cost effective solution to the disposal of smaller items, whilst still ensuring data protection and environmental legislative compliance.

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