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One day we can't work without it and the following its e-waste sitting in landfill. With the speed of innovative progressions, we are presently a general public that is always overhauling. What was at one time an unquestionable requirement have cell phone stuck to our hand, is in a flash disposed of for the most recent model. Too bad, the rate at which we redesign drastically outperforms our capacity to discard the old innovation.You can recycle your waste by electronic waste recycling Bangalore unit

In spite of the clever ways new electronic gadgets are made, we are yet to figure out how to make them in a split second vanish once they have been supplanted. There are no enchantment spells, which leaves our reality battling with a worldwide waste pandemic. With e-waste surpassing 40 E-waste recycling company in bangaloremillion tons for each year, e-waste recycling is our solitary expectation at diminishing these figures. You can do with Spas Recycling Pvt Ltd a electronic waste management company in Bangalore

Your e-waste reverse logistics partner in Bangalore

With the assistance of Spas Recycling it's anything but not difficult to recycle any type of e-waste in Bangalore. As a certify e-waste recycling specialist organization in Bangalore, we present supportable, reasonable and ecologically benevolent reusing arrangements. We help an assortment of ventures with their e-waste reverse logistics in Bangalore, extending from IT organizations to government associations.

Spas Recycling will come to your site, load the e-waste onto our trucks and deliver it to the appropriate electronic waste recycling facilities in Bangalore, where 95%-98% (by weight) will be fully recycled for future use. We can also provide data destruction certificates, to guarantee that all hard drive data has been destroyed.


Our main goal is to secure the earth by giving a sheltered e-waste recycling & Management.