E-waste Services Provider

Spas Recycling’s E-waste Services offers solid electronic waste reusing answers for a wide assortment of customers. They depend on our capacity to constantly make it simple, while meeting their particular consistence needs and strategic prerequisites. Our extensive variety of information and abilities, to a great degree eco-accommodating operation, and top notch endorsement rating with the State of Maharashtra, genuinely builds up us a Best-In-Class Recycler.
Our E-waste Services administrations we give include:

E-waste Management,
E-waste Disposal,

IT Equipment Disposal
IT Asset Recovery
Electronics Waste Recycling
Environmental Consulting
Secure Product Destruction
Data/Media Destruction

Electronic Waste Recyclers

Our E-waste Services are Responsible Recycling Practices OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards, both give the establishment to our whole Environmental Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS). As mindful electronic waste recyclers, our EHSMS requires progressing consistence well beyond the Central, State, and nearby principles and directions. You can rest guaranteed that we remain focused on our strict No Landfill Policy, and just send prepared leftover material to confirmed and affirmed downstream merchants. All concentration material is handled in India.

You Can Trust

In our E-waste Services in over a time of understanding and learning as e-waste recyclers in the business, our group can help you discard your electronic waste and obsolete innovation hardware securely, effectively and mindfully. As venture accomplices, we work intimately with you to decide the best strategy that bodes well and fits your necessities.Toward the finish of the procedure, if necessary, we can likewise give an endorsement of reusing, or testament of obliteration for your additional affirmation and consistence detailing.

Electronics Recycling Company in Mumbai, INDIA

Spas Recycling represents considerable authority in hardware reusing answers for business, corporate, and government offices. From old PCs, screens, and TVs to wires, printers, and portable workstations, we reuse all gadgets mindfully. Rather than dumping your Make beyond any doubt your old gear doesn’t wind up in a landfill, or unlawfully transported abroad, and rely on upon our gadgets reusing organization in Mumbai, INDIA, for eco-accommodating administrations and OHSAS 18001 Standard practices. At our 2000 sq. ft. preparing office, we have a reusing operation of more than three sections of land With an extensive staff of prepared workers, we guarantee that your gadgets are securely and safely reused. All administrations are performed inside our Recycling preparing office, and we are completely authorized and ensured and affirmed electronics recycler by the SCPL.

Top of the line Electronics Recycling Center

We are e-waste reusing specialists, and are extremely acquainted with our customer’s natural difficulties and consistence concerns. You can depend on our accomplished group to help you effectively and capably discard your electronic waste and obsolete office gear. For well over 5 years, our electronics reusing focus has offered First-Class e-reusing for clients in the more noteworthy Mumbai zone. The establishment of our framework is established in the ISO: 14001 Environmental Management Standards and OHSAS 18001 Practices.We are outsider examined and keep up progressing consistence well beyond all Central, State, and nearby regulations.E-Recycling Made Easy.We give an abnormal state of client administration, correspondence, and dependability, which makes old gadgets reusing simple for our clients. Our knowledgable staff can help you decide the least demanding arrangement of activity, and complete it rapidly, so you can proceed onward with your day.

Data Destruction in Mumbai, INDIA

Dispose of data of your electronic data by relying upon our electronic waste reusing organization for information annihilation. We safely shred hard drives and other media gadgets that contain delicate organization information and data. Regardless of whether you deal with an independent company, an extensive enterprise, or an administration organization, you require solid and secure electronic information destruction.

Don’t let the private information put away on your old and obsolete gadgets fall into the wrong hands. By for all time erasing information on electronic media gadgets, you can rest guaranteed that your organization’s delicate data stays sheltered and private. We offer electronic information demolition, degaussing, information wiping, and document obliteration benefits inside our protected facility.It’s essential to ensure your delicate information is never gotten to again. In this day and age, electronic capacity gadgets make it simpler to share and get to data. Sadly, this same data can likewise be gotten to by others on the off chance that you don’t pick the correct organization to carry out the employment. Exchange mysteries, client data, and ordered information ought to just be accessible to you. By giving advanced information decimation, we secure your interests and data. Utilize our administrations for the greater part of the accompanying extra reasons:

You have to limit the danger of any information ruptures. You have a lot of information to shred or erase. Your organization or association must follow protection laws. You need to free up your representatives for different errands, rather than information decimation. You require a Certificate of Destruction. Electronic information devastation accomplishes more than ensure your organization. It likewise ensures your customer base. Information spills have turned out to be more incessant and regularly make negative media consideration. As a result, ruptures of protection harm the security of your information, as well as the trust you have worked with your customers. It can likewise hurt the honesty of your image. Protect the true serenity of those you serve, and demand our information devastation administrations. Regardless of whether you have to devastate physical capacity media or overwrite information, our group gives redid benefit at sensible rates.

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