E-waste Solutions Provider

E-waste Solutions – Handling your business e-waste is our specialty. We offer full asset disposition services and data destruction services to responsibly dispose of your e-waste. We provide a full suite of individualised solutions to help your business be a green business. Our goal is to provide a one call, one provider e-squander solutions. All e-waste solutions include a documented chain of custody process which transfers liability from the customer to Spas Recycling. Each asset is catalogued, and customers receive a certificate of disposal. All assumed media is processed at our secure facility in a process that meets or exceed the MPCB standards All destructed media is completely recycled. Once final disposition of the media is complete, a Certificate of Destruction and/or Certificate of Recycling is issued to the customer. Our process will ensure that your business electronic waste does not end up in landfills, or dumped illegally overseas. Our standards are at the highest levels of ethical compliance for the electronic waste industry and we guarantee compliance with all State Pollution Control Board Laws.

  • Reduce the consumption of products that ultimately become e-waste by maintaining older equipment or purchasing higher quality products with a longer useful life.
  • Reuse products by selling them or donating them to others, especially computer re-use organisations, extending their useful life and keeping them out of the waste stream.
  • Recycle your unwanted electronics with an environmentally responsible recycler who will either refurbish them for reuse, or break them down to commodity level where they can be used again as raw materials.

  All E-waste Solutions services are performed by our experienced courteous staff of professionals, including, IT professionals, Asset Management Specialists and licensed electricians. Here are a few of the services we offer for businesses:

  • Data center asset lifecycle management
  • Workstation de-installation of computers, phones, wiringE-waste Solutions
  • “Safening-Off” of cubicle power supply
  • Server room de-installation of racks, servers
  • Universal power systems removal, battery recycle
  • Voice and data line removal
  • Asset repurposing
  • On-site pick up, evaluation
  • Auditable asset tracking
  • Certified and secure data destruction
  • Asset preparation for charitable donation
  • Certified e-waste recycling services
  • Relocation, moving coordination
  • End of lease compliance
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