E-waste Management Company in India

Spas Recycling is among youthful, spearheading e-waste management company in India  that is ready to keep India evergreen and supportable, in light of new mechanical difficulties to our rich dynamic biological community that incorporates the world's biggest mainland mangrove overwhelm. In the course of the most recent decades, the electronics business has altered the world. Electrical and electronic items like PCs, servers, printers, cell phones and more have turned out to be widespread. Without these items, present day life would not be conceivable in post industrialized and industrializing nations. In any case, regardless of the tremendous advantages of these items, the ecological debasement and contamination produced by unpredictable transfer of electronic waste (or e-waste) has increased present expectations on the requirement for worldwide natural assurance.

E-waste is one of the quickest developing waste streams far and wide, developing at a rate of 3–5% for every annum or around three circumstances quicker than ordinary city strong waste. It is deserving of note that India at present creates in the vicinity of 650,000 and 1,000,000 tons of local e-waste yearly. Disgraceful electronic waste transfer is not just hurtful to man and nature, it additionally uncovered associations and people to personality and protected innovation robbery. Worldwide following of digital assaults show that India is among nations with the most noteworthy instances of programming robbery, personality and protected innovation burglary and malware assaults, some of which are inferable from poor e-waste management.

Spas Recycling is a leader in private "end-to-end recycling"e-waste management company in India, India enrolled with Central Ministry of Environment & State Environmental Pollution Control Board Our operations are entirely in accordance with global accepted procedures, of which we plan to outperform and turn into a benchmark going ahead. The organization is youthful, quickly developing, exceptionally able and really Indian. Our vision is to be the main eco-accommodating, profoundly powerful and beneficial end-to-end e-waste management company in Mumbai, beginning from India. As a Top e-waste management companies in Mumbai of Spas Recycling include:

E-waste Management Process

Our team understands the challenges you face to segregate your general waste and adhere to India’s best environmental practices.

That’s where we can step in and provide significant value to all our clients.

We will partner with you to find the most innovative and competitive priced E-waste and E-waste recycling solutions that best fits your business, while meeting the demands of complex waste legislation.

Our team will complete a comprehensive safety and risk analysis of your waste stream. We use leading edge equipment and data to understand your business needs.

Spas Recycling’s optimal E-waste management solutions are compliant with relevant Workplace Health and Safety laws. Leverage our expertise and we will reduce your environmental impact.

Spas Recycling advisors will develop a custom waste collection program that services your individual needs. We will create a schedule that allows the continuous smooth operation of your business.

Our E-waste management audit includes:

  • Analysing your current E-waste collection system with expert recommendations
  • Determining how many bins and skips are necessary for your business
  • Calculating the frequency of your E-waste service collection
  • Maintenance of mobile garbage bins, skips and other relevant equipment
  • Ongoing support and training in E-waste management

These eco-accommodating electronic waste management arrangements can be conveyed across the nation on location or off site at clients' demand and comfort. As as leading e-waste management company in Mumbai we praise our freedom as a country maintain a strategic distance from monetary and wellbeing emergency by properly arranging or reusing your undesirable electronic gadgets and permanently destroying all information containing capacity segments in that in an eco-accommodating way.