E waste dismantling forms at SPAS Recycling as a E waste Dismantlers in India is a blend of reuse and reusing of electronic waste through a blend of manual and mechanized process, realizing zero ecological effect and augmenting esteem from the procedure of e-waste transfer.

Manual destroying is occupied with the underlying procedures Sorting of reusable segments from e-waste (viz., hard circle, CD-ROM/Writer/DVD ROM/DVD essayist, PC mother sheets, server parts, SMPS , portable PC segments , Storage devises like DAT, DLT, LTO’s, Ultrium drives, stockpiling libraries, NAS box, organizing items like switches, switches, center points, modems, and so on.) While disassembling plastic, press, screens, light weight metals, batteries, LCD shows, and so on., are egregated logically and gave to enlisted recyclers approved by MPCB and CPCB. Before destroying we will gather the clean through a tidy gatherer with a pack channel. Transfer: The nearness of perilous components in e-waste offers the capability of expanding the force of their release in environment because of land filling and burning. Arrive filling In the blink of an eye landfilling is done in the State subsequent to recuperating helpful segments.

For any enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on email : info@spasrecycling.com telephone : 022 40065000 Mobile : +91 8689 899 899

Spas Recycling has over 05 years combined recycling experience, active ownership and a corporate philosophy dedicated to the basic values of integrity, quality, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility.

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