E-waste Consulting

Our  for collection and responsibly recycle electronic equipment such as computers, printers, servers & telecommunications equipment.  The Illinois location will provide complete de-manufacturing processing capabilities that meet the highest environmental standards for recyclers.

Spas Recycling will work to build strong relationships with companies of various sizes and markets as well as institutions and government entities in the surrounding areas who need secure electronic recycling services.

“The company stands on a three legged stool. “Security, understanding the impact of data during the recycle process and how to protect our clients is number one, Responsibility, making sure we are following green procedures that respect the environment and return the maximum possible to reusable raw materials is the second leg and third, Compliance with local, state and federal laws not only for recycling but also for data lifecycle management.”

Our e-waste consulting services is to provide services in conjunction with the recycling process – believing reuse is a valuable recycling tool.   In the case of most companies it is anticipated that the direct cost of recycling, when remarketing credits are factored in are de minimise.

E-Waste consulting services are available for those companies that don’t have the resources to audit, breakdown, secure and ship product to the recycling center. Secure hard drive wiping is offered at the Spas Recycling facility or onsite data destruction is an alternative when clients want the additional security of knowing that no data left the corporate facilities!

Initially equipment is sorted into two categories; End-of-Life (EOL) or Re-Marketable (RMK).  With an estimated ½ million pc’s per day being scrapped, Re-Marketing is key to recycling!   Re-Marketable computers are neutralized with all data and identification removed, then tested and grouped for bulk sales.  EOL product is dismantled, sorted and processed by carefully chosen partners for efficiencies to allow the maximum raw materials to re-enter the manufacturing stream.

Our e-waste consulting services pledges to not illegally export hazardous waste material and is a supporter of the work by the Basel Action Network which provides environmental business standards for electronics recyclers.

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