SPAS RECYCLING a Computer Reprocess Company provides Obsolete end-of-life computers are being thrown away at an ever increasing rate in the India.Computer recycling is the process, by which the unit it is completely disassembled down to the component level, then sorted by material type. Each material type is then sent to its respective processor who specialises in converting the material back into raw materials so they can be used to manufacture new products. These materials can include copper, tin, aluminium, steel, plastic, glass and in some cases precious metals. Saving and reclaiming these materials as part of the recycling process reduces our need to expend significant resources, and impact to the environment, that is devoted to mining these metals from the earth. In conjunction with reuse, is the safety aspect of recycling a computer. Computers contain harmful materials including lead, dioxins, PCBs, and cadmium. Safe and responsible computer recycling ensures the disposal of these harmful elements in a responsible manner. Today less than 20% of computers are recycled, while the remaining 80% end up in landfills. Spas Recycling  is devoted to helping change this statistic. With more than 100 million computers becoming obsolete every year, recycling computers must be a priority for all that care about our environment.

Computer Recycling

Computer recycling is free to consumers, and affordable to businesses. Customers have the option of delivering their items to our Mumbai Facility, or scheduling a pick-up. Please call or submit your information. Don’t throw away your computer scrap or old monitor in the trash. It may be illegal.


We guarantee environmental compliance with all State, and Central Pollution Control Board Laws through our exceptional process reporting capability. Our process diverts recyclable materials from entering landfills and reduces the impact on our world’s limited resources by reusing the recycled materials.

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